Ensuring pedestrian safety in a dynamic Pittsburgh

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 @ 1:19AM

Dear Friends:

Our city is growing and developing in new and exciting ways. Construction sites are popping up in neighborhoods all throughout Pittsburgh. As we erect new buildings in our communities and replace old infrastructure in our city, I want to make sure that pedestrians can move safely through these construction sites.

That’s why I introduced and passed an amendment to the City Code, which takes two measures to create safer conditions for pedestrians. First, this legislation requires that construction companies place warning signage to alert pedestrians to sidewalk closures. This practice allows people to notice construction projects, cross the street at a safe crosswalk, and avoid having to cross dangerously at mid-block. Second, the legislation requires that when sidewalks are closed for more than 30 days, construction companies install a temporary, alternative pedestrian walkway. These changes to the City Code are simple, but effective methods for making sure that pedestrians can move safely in our neighborhoods. These policies are also part of the larger, people-first approach that we need to apply to the development taking place in Pittsburgh.

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