Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 @ 7:15AM

For all of the incredible technological resources Pittsburgh has to offer – from our hospitals and universities to small start-ups throughout District 8 – City government is doing next to nothing to help young entrepreneurs get their ideas, and their businesses, off the ground. The City should become a one-stop shop to:
  • Guide people towards local, state, and federal financing and tax abatement programs
  • Create a searchable online database of affordable City- and County-owned properties for sale
  • Connect entrepreneurs with resources such as the Pittsburgh Tech Council, Innovation Works and AlphaLab

And we should go one step further. We should create a small-business incubator space offering low rents and technical assistance to entrepreneurs who need a foundation to build on. In addition to supporting the next generation of Pittsburgh business owners it will concentrate knowledge in clusters throughout the East End, fostering a collaborative business environment to help spawn even more great ideas and innovations. This will enhance neighborhood quality, bring new people into the City limits, and broaden our tax base.



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