Using Technology for City Service

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 @ 7:15AM

Not only does the City need to create a supportive environment for new businesses in the tech sector, we need to start using the technology that this region is inventing and spreading throughout the world. We live in the 21st century yet our City government operates with 1980s technology.

The City must modernize operations and catch up to the private sector to:

  • Provide all City employees with ready access to email to create a more connected and more responsive government
  • Allow developers and private citizens to apply for permits and submit building plans online and pay using a credit or debit card
  • Equip all City snowplows with GPS technology so you can track our progress online from your home computer and drivers have access to the best possible routes with turn by turn directions
  • Develop and implement a high-tech, professional pavement management system to ensure that decisions about street paving are made based on need, not based on politics
  • Open up our data to the public to allow saavy web developers to create high-quality apps to make City government more approachable and more efficient

We have the technological resources to be one of the leading cities in the use of 21st century technology. There is no excuse for our 1980s mindset.

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